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Mac Baren

Mac Baren - HH Acadian Perique
This blend is the third of the HH tobacco family. The first two HH Vintage Syrian and HH Mature Virginia have been well accepted by the pipe smokers worldwide. The characteristics of the first two have been toward a more natural tobacco taste where you really experience the tobacco blend. And this is also the case with the third HH blend – the HH Acadian Perique.
What also was of a concern to us was that the final blend should have no tongue bite and a large amount of natural tobacco taste. When we first started creating the HH Acadian Perique it quickly turned out to be a very complex blend. With each testing we ended up wanting more taste nuances. The final blend includes Virginias, Burley’s, Original Cavendish, Dark Fired Kentucky, Orientals and of course Acadian Perique.
All these tobaccos marry in the most fantastic way. When smoking the HH Acadian Perique you notice the sweetness of the Virginia tobaccos, the mild spice of the Orientals and the slightly tart with an undertone of spice and fruit of the Perique.
It was not the intension to make a blend where the taste of Perique was overpowering the taste nuances of the other tobaccos. Therefore it came naturally to use the Acadian Perique which is lighter and smoother version of Perique. By using the Acadian Perique we achieved that all tobaccos could participate with their own natural taste and together they marry into this unique blend.
After creating the blend this decision was simple… this symphony of high quality tobaccos should not be overpowered by any top flavor, which also is the characteristic of the first two HH tobaccos. The HH Arcadian Perique has no top flavor at all.

We leave you with a blend where you indeed taste the natural tobaccos and don’t be fooled, it seems to be a mild smoke but it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You will experience a rich and flavorful smoke but which is very satisfying. And … you smoke to the bottom leaving only grey ashes.


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