Heroines of the pipes, USB, HD Quality

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Brand: Miscellaneous
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Funny, charming and interesting DVD about two of our Danish pipemakers. Danish production with English subtitles.

Men and women from across the globe, admire, desire, need and pursue them. Upon arrival in a new city, they are greeted as if they were Hollywood celebrities. Despite signing autographs and travelling by limousine, they are neither actors nor rockstars. They are, however, a highly sought after Danish duo of female pipe makers who leave a smokey trail of wonder on their path across nations.
The protagonists of the film, Anne Julie (age 76) and Manduela Riger Kusk (age 50) are both from Denmark, but have established themselves on a professional level outside the borders, where they have achieved great success as Pipe Makers. Through discovering their friendship, we have been able to explore the little-known, male-dominated, international world of pipes, that they effortlessly meander. At times, their surroundings are reminiscent of a gangster film, as exclusive, one-of-a-kind pipes are sold behind closed doors, worth up to half a million (Danish)kroner.
This dynamic duo, with their infectious charm and unparalleled talent, have obtained a prestigious status in the world of pipes. This is in part due to the well-renowned heritage of Danish pipes, which has been instrumental in setting the standard for pipes around the world, as well as being a result of their intriguing personalities.
In the day and age where education and youth seem to be the recipe for success, this documentary showcases two self-taught entrepreneurs, that are following their dreams. Join us on a fantastical journey into untold worlds in China, Japan, USA and Israel.


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