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Style: Non-Aromatic
Components: Straight/Pure, Virginia
Cut: Flake
Packaging: Tin
Weight (content): 50 gr / 1,76 oz
Brand: TDPS
Product no: G Flake
50th anniversary pipe tobacco from The Danish Pipe Shop!

After several successful house blends like Mr. Nielsen, Mrs. Nielsen, Brown Plug, River Plug, VV92, Beginner’s Luck and B. S. Flake we proudly present a new unique house blend called G Flake to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2019.
G Flake comes from an idea we had since we presented VV92 in 2016 where we used grappa in a pipe tobacco for the first time. Nikolaj Nielsen – CEO of The Danish Pipe Shop – is a big fan of Italian grappa and this passion created the idea of VV92 and now G Flake. G Flake is top quality matured Virginia tobacco sprayed with real Italian dark aged grappa and then tinned. The woody taste of grappa combined with alcohol, natural sugar and Virginia makes a perfect match. The Virginia flake is equivalent to My Own Blend number 45 and 333.  This is a perfect tobacco to smoke right away, but also for cellaring.
The tobacco is developed by CEO Nikolaj Nielsen and master blender Lasse Berg from My Own Blend, and it is produced in both Denmark and Germany.


TP-ID number: 00897-18-10326

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3 customer(s) have rated this tobacco with 5 out of 5 Kings.
Nikolaj 21/01/2019
Im not objective here because I actually designed the G Flake. We tested it during a year and we used 3 Liters of top quality Italian Grappa in making the first 50 Kg. Its a top notch Virginia so the real question was how would the Virginia and Grappa react together in a tiny tin? When I opened the first tin I was surprised about the pureness. I had expected a more powerful Grappa/Alchohol flavour, but I mainly connected to the Virginia. But what I really love abuot this one is that when you smoke it you can taste the Grappa. It the taste of the leftovers of vine grapes, raisin, woods and earth. After launching the tobacco I realize some assume that a tobacco with Grappa is an aromatic or semi-aromatic. I disagree. Its a pure tobacco with some mystery on the top. A little like 1855 from 4th, Vintage Flake from F&T or even B. S Flake from SG.
Henning 08/01/2019
Usually, I stay way from aromatics or semi-aromatics. Particularly the blends with vanilla, coco, exotic fruits etc. For some reason the tobacco blenders have a tendency to exaggerate the addition of such flavors - is it to please new pipe smokers or people, who wish to smoke the pipe but also to avoid the 'ugly' taste of tobacco? I do not have the answer. BUT there are blends, where alcohol has been added as flavor. As long as it is not overdone, I am willing to give it a try. Rattray's Bagpipers Dream has cognac added to quality leaf and is very skillfully done. This new G Flake from TDPS is another, very good example. In this case with quality grappa as the ingredient - and it has been added brilliantly. Without overshadowing the basis of tasty virginia tobacco of excellent quality. The result is delicious. Highly recommended if you want a change of pace from your more traditional virginia or virginia/perique preferences.
Niklas 28/12/2018
Great flake tobacco! Easy to light also!
Leaves a very pleasant after taste in your mouth.

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