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The largest supplier of accessories to smokers and pipesmokers in Northern Europe.

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CBM 5 Pipe bag
DKK 595,-
Tax free DKK 476,-
Claudio Albieri Pipe Pouch, Black
DKK 1875,-
Tax free DKK 1500,-
Claudio Albieri Pipe Pouch, Brown
DKK 1875,-
Tax free DKK 1500,-
Dunhill Pipe Holster, black
DKK 795,-
Tax free DKK 636,-
KU Design, Combi pouch, YAK Leather, 1 pipe
DKK 450,-
Tax free DKK 360,-
KU Design, Nappa Leather Cover
DKK 295,-
Tax free DKK 236,-
KU Design, Pipe Bag for 3 pipes, Yak Leather
DKK 1150,-
Tax free DKK 920,-
KU Design, Pipe bag in black leather
DKK 125,-
Tax free DKK 100,-
KU Design, Pipe cleaner sleeve
DKK 55,-
Tax free DKK 44,-
Martin Wess, Aramis, 3 pipes bag
DKK 825,-
Tax free DKK 660,-
Martin Wess, Aramis, 4 pipes bag
DKK 1100,-
Tax free DKK 880,-
Martin Wess, Lea, Pipe bag, 12 Pipes
DKK 2995,-
Tax free DKK 2396,-
Martin Wess, Lea, Pipe bag, 8 Pipes
DKK 2395,-
Tax free DKK 1916,-
Neerup Pipe Tool bag incl. tools
DKK 399,-
Tax free DKK 319,20
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