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Italian company Brebbia, as we know it today, dates back to 1953.

Initially the focus was on pipes but during the years the good people realised that there is much more to pipe smoking than a pipe and a pinch of tobacco, and therefore a vast number of important accessories were added to the catalogue - tampers, cleaners, holders, racks, reamers, and so on.


Basically all the goodies that help us maintain and care for our beloved pipes!

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Brebbia Cleaning Fluid
DKK 50,-
Tax free DKK 40,-
Brebbia Pipe Rack, 1 pipe
DKK 150,-
Tax free DKK 120,-
Brebbia Pipe Rack, 3 pipes
DKK 298,-
Tax free DKK 238,40
Brebbia Pipe Rack, 6 pipes, Teak wood
DKK 498,-
Tax free DKK 398,40
Brebbia Pipe Stopper, 1 Piece
DKK 65,-
Tax free DKK 52,-
Brebbia Reamer Set
DKK 250,-
Tax free DKK 200,-
Brebbia Stem Polish, 7,5 ml.
DKK 40,-
Tax free DKK 32,-
Brebbia, Black Acrylic Pipe Tamper
DKK 199,-
Tax free DKK 159,20
Brebbia, Black Acrylic Pipe Tamper
DKK 185,-
Tax free DKK 148,-
Brebbia, Pipe Cover, Metal
DKK 40,-
Tax free DKK 32,-
Fish shaped pipe tamper
DKK 125,-
Tax free DKK 100,-
Fish shaped pipe tamper w./wood
DKK 175,-
Tax free DKK 140,-
Pipe service set, Deluxe
DKK 995,-
Tax free DKK 796,-
Pipe shaped pipe tamper
DKK 125,-
Tax free DKK 100,-
Rodgers of Sheffield, Smokers Knife
DKK 225,-
Tax free DKK 180,-
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