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Dunhill, a brand that really doesn’t need much of an introduction, but if you just stepped out of an alternative dimension, let us give you a few pointers:

Alfred Dunhill established his shop in 1893 in London and in 1906 the first pipe was made. Dunhill pipes were quickly (and still are) considered to be some of the finest smoking pipes in the world, all handmade from the highest quality of Briar and stem materials. Dunhill is the Rolls Royce, the Rolex, the Château Latour, of the pipe world, and each and every pipe has undergone Dunhill’s famously strict quality control.

Dunhill pipes are marked with four numbers and they should be read like this: 5102 means: 5 = size of the pipe, 1 = size of the mouthpiece, 02 = bent shape. The sizes range from Group 1 (small) to Group 6 (large). If there is an F following the four digit code it means that the pipe is drilled for 9mm filter use.

Beside dealing the Dunhill Pipes we are the distributor of Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos in Denmark.


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Dunhill Cigarette Holder, Ejector Slim, black
DKK 550,-
Tax free DKK 440,-
Dunhill Cigarette Holder, Ejector Slim, silver
DKK 795,-
Tax free DKK 636,-
Dunhill Cigarette Holder, Vulcanite, taper
DKK 1215,-
Tax free DKK 972,-
Dunhill Lighter Flint, Blue
DKK 35,-
Tax free DKK 28,-
Dunhill Lighter Flint, Red
DKK 35,-
Tax free DKK 28,-
Dunhill Lighter Gas / Butane
DKK 98,-
Tax free DKK 78,40
Dunhill Pipe Care Kit
460,-DKK 395,-
Tax free DKK 316,-
Dunhill Pipe Holster, black
DKK 795,-
Tax free DKK 636,-
Dunhill, 10 pieces, crystal filters blue
DKK 65,-
Tax free DKK 52,-
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