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The factory Herbertz of knives and penknives was founded in 1925 in the German city of Renscheid.
For over than 75 years Herbertz has been elaborating knives for almost all the areas. Due to its experience, tradition, investigation and constant development, Herbertz has became in one of the most efficient and modern companies in the sector.

During the passing of the years, thanks to the high quality of its knives and pocket knives, and Bar-accessories, Herbertz has achieved to establish into all the world as tool for the use to cut paper and plastic, in the woodworking, in the food industry and in the steel industry.

Accessories - The Danish Pipe Shop

The largest supplier of accessories to smokers and pipesmokers in Northern Europe.

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Herbertz Flask, Black w. plate, 9 oz/266 ml.
DKK 398,-
Tax free price DKK 318,40
Herbertz Flask, black, 7 oz/207 ml.
DKK 375,-
Tax free price DKK 300,-
Herbertz Flask, black/green, 5 oz/147 ml.
DKK 398,-
Tax free price DKK 318,40
Herbertz Flask, Brown leather, 6 oz/170 ml.
DKK 348,-
Tax free price DKK 278,40
Herbertz Flask, Brown Leather, 6 oz/177 ML
DKK 395,-
Tax free price DKK 316,-
Herbertz Flask, Double Brown, 6 oz/178 ml.
DKK 475,-
Tax free price DKK 380,-
Herbertz Flask, Flower, 6 oz/170 ml.
DKK 298,-
Tax free price DKK 238,40
Stainless steel funnel
DKK 40,-
Tax free price DKK 32,-
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