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Neerup Pipes

Peder Christian Jeppesen, residing about an hours drive from our shop, is one of the younger Danish pipe makers, but he has somehow still managed to build up more than 25 years of experience!

He is one of the numerous pipe makers that has worked for Erik Nørding (Uncle Erik), which basically makes Peder a cousin of sorts. When he established himself as an independent pipe maker he branded his work with the old family name “Neerup” as well as with his own name, Peder Jeppesen (for higher graded pipes).

Both in terms of shape and finish he is extremely versatile - he really cuts a pipe for every kind of pipe personality out there!
He makes both non-filter and 9mm filter pipes.

If you’re looking for his handmade IDA line and other high grades, please click here

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Neerup Accessories Kit
373,-DKK 325,-
Tax free DKK 260,-
Neerup Mortise/Tenon Brushes, 2 pieces
DKK 30,-
Tax free DKK 24,-
Neerup Pipe Bowl Brushes, 2 pieces
DKK 30,-
Tax free DKK 24,-
Neerup Pipe Brushes, 5 pieces
DKK 50,-
Tax free DKK 40,-
Neerup Pipe Knife, 1 Piece
DKK 250,-
Tax free DKK 200,-
Neerup Pipe Tool bag exclusive tools
DKK 300,-
Tax free DKK 240,-
Neerup Pipe Tool bag incl. tools
DKK 450,-
Tax free DKK 360,-
Neerup Reamer, 1 Piece
DKK 125,-
Tax free DKK 100,-
Neerup Squared Reamer, 1 Piece
DKK 88,-
Tax free DKK 70,40
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