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Tom Eltang

If there is such a thing as a superstar in the world of pipes and tobacco, Tom Eltang would be a solid bet as the titleholder.

Obviously, we’re tempted to say, for his pipes are simply mind-blowing. His form language is incredibly strong and it doesn’t matter if he cuts a tight classic or an organic, sculptural shape - his work is always spot on.
However, extraordinary shape work aside, the most important aspect for Tom is that the pipe is a good smoker. The basics are always on his mind, or as he once said: “A pipe is just a piece of wood with holes in it that are meant to do one thing, and therefore it must be done right”. That it looks great is just a plus.

Another thing that is important to Tom is to have his work displayed in a real Danish pipe shop, and as an old friend of ours he happily bought 20% of our shop back in 2014 - to help ensure the continued existence of a true and honest pipe shop.


Tom makes following pipes:

1. Tom Eltang pipes where price is the rating indication. The top pipes are marked with the symbol of a snail and the very best (0-5 per year) are marked with M for Master Piece. Rarely he makes pipes marked with Nimbus and/or Comet, Comet means a pipe that was free from Tom to the owner whereas the Nimbus is typical lower end pipes. 

2. Copenhagen Collection (same as Sara Eltang) pipes made by Tom and his team. These have acrylic stems. Copenhagen Collection and Sara Eltang Pipes are the same standard.

3. Eltang Basic. Similar to Sailor Pipes. Made by Tom and his team.


Regarding Eltang grading we often get questions. In the "old" days Tom marked his pipes with symbols of : Moon (lowest), Saturn, Star, Sun and Snail (highest).

As mentioned only the Snail and M is used today and on rare occasions Nimbus and Comet.

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