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When a company has produced more than 500 million pieces of whatever product it is producing, it must be doing something right.

Which certainly is the case with Zippo. Since 1932 this iconic lighter has probably sparked more flames than any other lighter in the world, and it will most likely continue to do so for a long time. It’s a great and trustworthy piece of equipment, it is offered in a endless variety of “flavours” - and it comes with lifetime guarantee.

We at the Danish Pipe Shop  probably have the largest selection in Denmark; don’t hesitate to contact us for specific requests.

Accessories - The Danish Pipe Shop

The largest supplier of accessories to smokers and pipesmokers in Northern Europe.

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Zippo Butane Gas, 100 ml.
DKK 30,-
Tax free DKK 24,-
Zippo Collector Case
DKK 419,-
Tax free DKK 335,20
Zippo Lighter flint
DKK 25,-
Tax free DKK 20,-
Zippo Lighter fluid, Big.
DKK 70,-
Tax free DKK 56,-
Zippo Lighter fluid, Standard
DKK 39,-
Tax free DKK 31,20
Zippo Lighter Pouch, Black
DKK 169,-
Tax free DKK 135,20
Zippo Lighter Pouch, Black w. Clip
DKK 199,-
Tax free DKK 159,20
Zippo Lighter Pouch, Brown w. Clip
DKK 219,-
Tax free DKK 175,20
Zippo Lighter Wick
DKK 25,-
Tax free DKK 20,-
Zippo Service Kit
DKK 30,-
Tax free DKK 24,-
Zippo, All-In-One-Kit
DKK 299,-
Tax free DKK 239,20
Zippo, Roll Your Own Tobacco Pouch
DKK 250,-
Tax free DKK 200,-
Zippo, The Danish Pipe Shop edition
DKK 325,-
Tax free DKK 260,-
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