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Nørding Pipes

Erik Nørding (or Uncle Erik, as we say) has been around forever, it seems.

Well, at least since he was a young and and hopeful pipe maker trying to find an outlet for his work. We were the first shop to display his pipes, and we’ve been close every since.

He was actually an engineer by trade but as a hobby he started carving pipes - and suddenly he was so captured by the processes that he simply decided to make a living out of it. During the last forty years Erik has built and fine tuned his business, which produces approximately 20.000 pipes a year (of which 95% is for export), and he is still going very strong.

We always have a wide selection of Erik’s work in the shop - it would honestly feel weird if we hadn’t!

Handmade by Erik
Here we offer the finest handmade pipes from Erik Nørding - and they truly are fine! With these pipes we are shown what the old Master can still do.
We personally make the selection in his factory, about 45 minutes from Copenhagen.

Nørding Keystone Pipes & Shorty Pipes
The Keystone & Shorty concept says a lot about Erik and his son Knud: first and foremost it speaks volume about their ingenuity - and their will to create.
Secondly it says something about their crazy minds! Yes, you can call them crazy, we’re sure they wouldn’t be offended. But seriously, you have got to appreciate the fact that someone out there - like Erik and Knud - is trying to challenge the concepts!
Either way, these are funky, dry smoking pieces, and they will surely enliven any pipe collection.

Nørding Hold Em and Nørding Cut
Two design lines from the great Erik Nørding, both packed with unique character!
The Hold Em series is inspired by the Poker game and is named after the cards (Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and Joker). All of them come with colourful Spigot stems that really adds a fresh and funky feel.
The Cut series, while also quite colourful and edgy, is slightly more “classic” overall. They are semi-handmade pipes with cool stems, playful inlays and Sterling silver rings.
All Hold Em and Cut pipes are listed individually, so what you see is what you get.
Notice that some pipes are fitted for 9mm filter use.

Nørding Valhalla & Valhalla Spigot
The Valhalla pipes are playful variations of the classic Danish design and they are typically fairly small puffers. As you can see they vary greatly in shape and finish, so there really is something for everyone here!
In 2016 the Valhalla line was replaced with the Valhalla Spigot - the 1. generation Valhalla pipes are available as long as we have them!


Freehand pipes from Nørding
Erik Nørding is known for many things in the world of pipes and tobacco, not least his Freehand pipes. There are even those who call him “the King of Freehands”! Which makes sense - since the birth of the shape back in the 70s he has probably made more of them than anyone else in the business.
A Freehand pipe is always unique, always exciting, and always full of fantastic character.


Hunting pipes from Erik Nørding
The popular annual pipes from Nørding are true collector’s items. Which is easy to understand; they are well presented, beautiful pipes with a very distinct character inspired by the animal kingdom.
Due to our close relationship with Erik we are sometimes able to get our hands on older (unsmoked) vintages, so please let us know if there is a specific model/year you just can’t live without.
We will do our very best to help you.


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