Peder Jeppesen, IDA 5, Bent Apple, 9 mm.
DKK 1950,-
Tax free DKK 1560,-
Neerup, Structure 2, Squat Pot, 9 mm.
DKK 925,-
Tax free DKK 740,-
Estate Tom Eltang, Calabash, SNAIL, Presmoked
DKK 12850,-
Tax free DKK 10280,-
Werner Mummert, Curvy Topped Bulldog
DKK 7675,-
Tax free DKK 6140,-
Kai Nielsen, Jewel B, Compact Poker
DKK 3995,-
Tax free DKK 3196,-
Castello, Old Antiquari, Lovat, 4K, Brown
DKK 2650,-
Tax free DKK 2120,-
Castello, Sea Rock, Chubby Lovat, KK, Black
DKK 2650,-
Tax free DKK 2120,-
Stanwell, Flame Grain 405, Q. B. Dublin
DKK 1895,-
Tax free DKK 1516,-
Tom Eltang, Volcano, SNAIL
DKK 13500,-
Tax free DKK 10800,-
Peter Heding, Dubliner, w. Horn
DKK 7595,-
Tax free DKK 6076,-
Tom Eltang, Blasted Billard w. horn
DKK 6800,-
Tax free DKK 5440,-
Nils Frederiksen, Pot w. muskox deco
DKK 2500,-
Tax free DKK 2000,-
Chacom, New Gentleman, 1095, Bent Acorn
DKK 685,-
Tax free DKK 548,-
Chacom, Alpina 110, Billard
DKK 765,-
Tax free DKK 612,-
Corn Cob Pipe, Little Devil Acorn
DKK 110,-
Tax free DKK 88,-
Chacom, Starter Set, Bent Billard, bag etc.
DKK 550,-
Tax free DKK 440,-
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