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Bay Denmark
Bay Denmark, Q. B. Canted Apple
DKK 3000,-
Tax free DKK 2400,-
Bay Denmark, Elegant Billard w. horn
DKK 2500,-
Tax free DKK 2000,-
Bay Denmark, Pumpkin Rusticated Dublin
DKK 2250,-
Tax free DKK 1800,-
Benni Jørgensen
Benni Jørgensen, Oval Shank Apple
DKK 7250,-
Tax free DKK 5800,-
Castello Pipes
Castello, Old Antiquari, Acorn, 4K, Black
DKK 2450,-
Tax free DKK 1960,-
Castello, Old Antiquari, Billard, 2K, Black
DKK 2250,-
Tax free DKK 1800,-
Castello, Old Antiquari, Billard, GG, Virgin
DKK 2995,-
Tax free DKK 2396,-
Castello, Sea Rock, Bent Billard, 4K, Brown
DKK 2300,-
Tax free DKK 1840,-
Castello, Sea Rock, Liverpool, 2K, Black
DKK 2150,-
Tax free DKK 1720,-
Colibri, Pacific, Pipe Lighter, Chrome
DKK 465,-
Tax free DKK 372,-
Dunhill, Amber Root 4104, Bulldog
DKK 4500,-
Tax free DKK 3600,-
Dunhill, Bruyere 1106, Pot-billard
DKK 2550,-
Tax free DKK 2040,-
Eltang Basic Pipes
Ken Dederich Pipes
Ken Dederich, Chubby Pac Man w. Bamboo
DKK 3950,-
Tax free DKK 3160,-
Ken Dederich, Kens Rhodesian
DKK 3750,-
Tax free DKK 3000,-
Ken Dederich, Blasted Freehand Horn
DKK 2800,-
Tax free DKK 2240,-
Martin Wess
McConnell´s Pure Virginia, Flake
DKK 137,-
Tax free DKK 109,60
Meerschaum and Calabash Pipes
Denicotea, Cigarette Holder, Black
DKK 150,-
Tax free DKK 120,-
Denicotea, Cigarette Holder, Chrome
DKK 150,-
Tax free DKK 120,-
Estate Kriswill, Canadian, Presmoked
DKK 485,-
Tax free DKK 388,-
Estate Hansen, S. B. Egg, Presmoked
DKK 750,-
Tax free DKK 600,-
Montecristo, No. 2, 1 cigar
DKK 155,-
Tax free DKK 124,-
Morgan Pipes
Rattray's Pipes
Savinelli, Roma, 105, Billard, Rusticated
DKK 698,-
Tax free DKK 558,40
Stanwell, Silk 410, Modern Dublin
DKK 595,-
Tax free DKK 476,-
Estate Stanwell, Opera, Presmoked
DKK 850,-
Tax free DKK 680,-
Estate Stanwell, Rhodesian, Presmoked
DKK 995,-
Tax free DKK 796,-
Tom Eltang
Tom Eltang, Blasted Billard w. horn
DKK 5950,-
Tax free DKK 4760,-
Tom Eltang, Blasted Tulip w. horn
DKK 5950,-
Tax free DKK 4760,-
Tom Eltang, Mini Blasted Canadian
DKK 3500,-
Tax free DKK 2800,-
White Star
White Star, 747, Ancona, Billard
DKK 350,-
Tax free DKK 280,-
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