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The Danish Pipe Shop have sold lighters to locals and international customers since 1969 meaning we have more than 50 years experience in lighters. As a real shop with an online shop we have the possibility to welcome you in our shop in Copenhagen if you prefer to have the lighter in the hand before buying. For online customers remember you can always return the lighter if it does not suit you. Please study our business terms regarding this.


We have the biggest "in store" selection of Zippo lighters in Scandinavia. We gladly change the regular lighter insert to a pipe lighter insert, so you can use it for pipe smoking. Please also note that we have our own collectors item The Danish Pipe Shop Zippo lighter.


More exclusive lighter brands like S. T Dupont, Dunhill and Ronson is also found by The Danish Pipe Shop when supply is available.

In the medium plus range we have the famous legendary Japanese lighter brand IM Corona, KIRIBI Lighters, Xikar Lighters and Sarome Lighters.


All lighters have two years warranty and many of the brands offer international warranty. We also offer repair service of lighters however, we don't have spare parts for all so please contact us before hand.

Use the filters and the search function to enhance your experience ...

Dupont Lighter, Ligne 2, Croco Gold
DKK 5995,-
Tax free DKK 4796,-
Dupont Lighter, Ligne 2, Croco Palladium
DKK 5995,-
Tax free DKK 4796,-
Dupont Lighter, MiniJet Lighter, Hawaii Red
DKK 975,-
Tax free DKK 780,-
Zippo, Viking Warrior Design
DKK 329,-
Tax free DKK 263,20
Zippo, Skull Clock Design
DKK 399,-
Tax free DKK 319,20
Colibri, Allure Lighter, Chrome
DKK 275,-
Tax free DKK 220,-
Colibri, Allure Lighter, Gold
DKK 275,-
Tax free DKK 220,-
Zippo, Harley-Davidson
DKK 339,-
Tax free DKK 271,20
Zippo, Iced Zippo Flame Design
DKK 419,-
Tax free DKK 335,20
Zippo, Iced Carbon Fiber Design
DKK 419,-
Tax free DKK 335,20
Dunhill Lighter, Rollagas w. Oak Wood
DKK 5950,-
Tax free DKK 4760,-
Dupont Lighter, Ligne 2, Windsor Gold and Blue
DKK 8500,-
Tax free DKK 6800,-
Dupont Lighter, MiniJet Lighter, Red
DKK 975,-
Tax free DKK 780,-
Zippo, Street chrome, Denmark
DKK 319,-
Tax free DKK 255,20
Dupont Lighter, Ligne 2, Firehead Gold
DKK 6500,-
Tax free DKK 5200,-
Zippo 2019 Collectible
DKK 1149,-
Tax free DKK 919,20
Xikar, Tech, Single Torch, Black
DKK 275,-
Tax free DKK 220,-
Xikar, Tech, Single Torch, Clear
DKK 275,-
Tax free DKK 220,-
Im Corona Lighter, Accord, Classic, Grey
925,-DKK 750,-
Tax free DKK 600,-
Cozy, Jet Flame Lighter
DKK 295,-
Tax free DKK 236,-
Cozy, Electric Pipelighter, Gun grey
DKK 450,-
Tax free DKK 360,-
Xikar, Forte, Black Carbon Fiber
DKK 675,-
Tax free DKK 540,-
Dupont, The Wand, Black Chrome
DKK 1395,-
Tax free DKK 1116,-
Dupont, The Wand, Brushed Golden Colour
DKK 1525,-
Tax free DKK 1220,-
Dupont, The Wand, Brushed Chrome
DKK 1525,-
Tax free DKK 1220,-
Zippo, The Rolling Stones®
DKK 459,-
Tax free DKK 367,20
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