Lighters - S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont

This is the Rolls Royce of lighters. Or Rolex.


This French fire starter has had quite a few years to climb to the top, and to us it sure seems like it is going to stay up there - in our humble opinion it is simply the best lighter one can get, both in terms of style and reliability.


All Dupont Ligne 1, Ligne 2, and Gatsby lighters can be converted to a pipe lighter (with horizontal flame), which we happily do free of charge.

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Dupont Lighter, Gatsby Silver Finish
Tax free 3720,-
Dupont Lighter, Ligne 2, Montparnasse
Tax free 5400,-
Dupont Lighter, Ligne 8, Blue
Tax free 1960,-
Dupont Lighter, Ligne 8, Matte Black
Tax free 1960,-
Dupont Lighter, MiniJet Lighter, Pink
Tax free 780,-
Dupont Slim 7, Black and chrome
Tax free 1038,40
Dupont Slim 7, Brushed chrome
Tax free 1038,40
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