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The biggest selection of Danish tobacco pipes in Europe!

At The Danish Pipe Shop in Copenhagen, Denmark you find the largest selection of tobacco pipes in Northern Europe and probably the biggest selection of Danish made pipes in Europe - maybe the world?: Enjoy pipe maker names like Tom Eltang, Kurt Balleby, Nanna Ivarsson, Anne Julie, Manduela, Tao, Stanwell, Peter Heding, Neerup Pipes, Peder Jeppesen Pipes, Poul Winsløw Pipes, Ascorti, Chacom, Dagner Pipes, Dunhill, Castello, Talamona, Volkan, Luiz Lavos, Suhr Pipes, Bay Denmark Pipes, Berggreen Pipes, Henri Pipes, Bullfrog Pipes, GBP Pipes, Werner Mummert Pipes and many more!

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Bay Denmark, Squat Apple w. mammoth
DKK 5500,-
Tax free price DKK 4400,-
Berggreen Pipes, Ring Grain Dublin w. bamboo
DKK 4350,-
Tax free price DKK 3480,-
Berggreen Pipes, Round Top Dublin w. bamboo
DKK 5850,-
Tax free price DKK 4680,-
Brebbia, Calabash, First 1997, Smooth **, 9 mm.
DKK 3250,-
Tax free price DKK 2600,-
Castello, Castello, 75th Jubilee, 30-75
DKK 5750,-
Tax free price DKK 4600,-
Castello, Collection, Bent Edgy Billard, 3K
DKK 4500,-
Tax free price DKK 3600,-
Castello, Collection, Slight Bent Billard, KK
DKK 3995,-
Tax free price DKK 3196,-
Castello, Occhio di Pernice, Model 10, K
DKK 3650,-
Tax free price DKK 2920,-
Castello, Old Antiquari, Edgy Hybrid, 4K
DKK 2995,-
Tax free price DKK 2396,-
Castello, Old Antiquari, Lovat, GG
DKK 3595,-
Tax free price DKK 2876,-
Chacom, Alpina Mat 110, Billard
DKK 765,-
Tax free price DKK 612,-
Chacom, New Gentleman, 1095, Bent Acorn
DKK 685,-
Tax free price DKK 548,-
Chacom, Old Briar 106, Billard, Acajou/Mahogany
DKK 650,-
Tax free price DKK 520,-
Chacom, Old Briar 159, Apple, Acajou/Mahogany
DKK 650,-
Tax free price DKK 520,-
Chacom, Spigot Matte Brown 185, Billard
DKK 950,-
Tax free price DKK 760,-
Chacom, Starter Set, Bent Billard, bag etc.
DKK 550,-
Tax free price DKK 440,-
Chacom, Starter Set, Bent Brandy, bag etc.
DKK 550,-
Tax free price DKK 440,-
Copenhagen Collection, W-Ø-L, Master Block Pipe
DKK 3750,-
Tax free price DKK 3000,-
Copenhagen Collection, W-Ø-L, Master Block Pipe
DKK 3000,-
Tax free price DKK 2400,-
Corn Cob Pipe, Wizard Cobbit w. Acrylic Stem
DKK 425,-
Tax free price DKK 340,-
Dunhill, Bruyere 4111, Lovat
DKK 4495,-
Tax free price DKK 3596,-
Dunhill, Cumberland 4109, Canadian
DKK 3350,-
Tax free price DKK 2680,-
Dunhill, Shell Briar 4109, Canadian
DKK 3100,-
Tax free price DKK 2480,-
Hans Former Nielsen, Blasted Oval Shank Apple
DKK 13500,-
Tax free price DKK 10800,-
Henri Pipes, Virgin Apple, w. Boxwood
DKK 4500,-
Tax free price DKK 3600,-
Kai Nielsen, Jewel A, Half Bent billard
DKK 4750,-
Tax free price DKK 3800,-
Meerschaum, Burned Look Billard
DKK 1595,-
Tax free price DKK 1276,-
Neerup, Classic 4, Long Poker Sitter, 9 mm.
DKK 1500,-
Tax free price DKK 1200,-
Nuttens Pipes, Handmade, Twiggy, AA, Sand Brown
DKK 2750,-
Tax free price DKK 2200,-
Rattrays, Goblin 100, Short Billard, Sand, 9 mm.
DKK 495,-
Tax free price DKK 396,-
Savinelli, Minuto 310 Sand, Pocket Poker
DKK 695,-
Tax free price DKK 556,-
Vauen, SIX 1104, Smooth Billard, 6 mm.
DKK 998,-
Tax free price DKK 798,40
Vauen, SIX SX105, White Dot Rhodesian, 6 mm.
DKK 1250,-
Tax free price DKK 1000,-
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