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At The Danish Pipe Shop in Copenhagen, Denmark you find the largest selection of tobacco pipes in Northern Europe: Tom Eltang, Kurt Balleby, Anne Julie, Manduela, Tao, Stanwell, Peter Heding, Neerup Pipes, Poul Winsløw Pipes, Ascorti, Caminetto, Dagner, Dunhill, Castello, Volkan, Brandon Brooks, Vesterholm Pipes, Suhr Pipes, Bay Pipes and many more!

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Anne Julie, Bulldog
DKK 25000,-
Tax free DKK 20000,-
Ascorti, Business, Stubby Rhodesian, Rusticated
DKK 1998,-
Tax free DKK 1598,40
Ascorti, SDO, Stubby Pot, Sandblasted
DKK 2350,-
Tax free DKK 1880,-
Ascorti, SDO, Stubby Pot/Billard, Sandblasted
DKK 2350,-
Tax free DKK 1880,-
Bennwik Quarter Bent Horn/Dublin
DKK 5000,-
Tax free DKK 4000,-
Brandon Brooks Pipes, BHB, Canted Dublin
DKK 2250,-
Tax free DKK 1800,-
Brandon Brooks Pipes, BHB, Squat Tomato
DKK 1995,-
Tax free DKK 1596,-
Castello, Castello, Model 55, GG
DKK 3500,-
Tax free DKK 2800,-
Castello, Collection, Model 10, 3K
DKK 3800,-
Tax free DKK 3040,-
Castello, Trademark, Model 10, KK
DKK 2200,-
Tax free DKK 1760,-
Chacom, Alpina 110, Billard
DKK 765,-
Tax free DKK 612,-
Chacom, New Gentleman, 1095, Bent Acorn
DKK 685,-
Tax free DKK 548,-
Chacom, Old Briar 106, Billard, Acajou Red
DKK 599,-
Tax free DKK 479,20
Chacom, Old Briar 159, Octagonal Apple, Acajou Red
DKK 599,-
Tax free DKK 479,20
Chacom, Starter Set, Bent Pipe, bag and more
DKK 550,-
Tax free DKK 440,-
Chacom, Tom Eltang, Oscar Tanshell Sand
DKK 1250,-
Tax free DKK 1000,-
CO-Pipes, Danish Dublin
DKK 3000,-
Tax free DKK 2400,-
Corn Cob Pipe, Little Devil Acorn
DKK 100,-
Tax free DKK 80,-
Dagner Poker Cob Pipe
DKK 199,50
Tax free DKK 159,60
Erik Nørding, Handmade Dubli w. Silver, Gr. 18
DKK 4250,-
Tax free DKK 3400,-
Estate Anne Julie, Canted Dublin, Presmoked
15000,-DKK 9995,-
Tax free DKK 7996,-
Estate Stanwell, Sterling, Billard, Presmoked
DKK 795,-
Tax free DKK 636,-
Lasse Skovgaard, Blasted Dublin
DKK 3350,-
Tax free DKK 2680,-
Nils Frederiksen, Blasted Rhodesian
DKK 1750,-
Tax free DKK 1400,-
Nils Frederiksen, Pot w. muskox deco
DKK 2650,-
Tax free DKK 2120,-
Nils Frederiksen, Q. B. Egg
DKK 2800,-
Tax free DKK 2240,-
Nørding, A CUT, Pickaxe
DKK 900,-
Tax free DKK 720,-
Nørding, U CUT, Bent bulldog
DKK 2250,-
Tax free DKK 1800,-
Rattrays, Chubby Jackey Sand w. Horn, Black
DKK 999,-
Tax free DKK 799,20
Rattrays, Goblin 100, Short Billard, Sand, 9 mm.
DKK 495,-
Tax free DKK 396,-
Rattrays´s, 110th, Limited Edition, Light Premium
1688,-DKK 844,-
Tax free DKK 675,20
Rattrays´s, 110th, Limited Edition, Rustic
798,-DKK 600,-
Tax free DKK 480,-
Sabina Pipes, Blowfish
DKK 5000,-
Tax free DKK 4000,-
Sabina Pipes, Sharp Asymmetrical Dublin
DKK 5000,-
Tax free DKK 4000,-
Sailor Dark Rusticated w. stem
DKK 998,-
Tax free DKK 798,40
Savinelli, Dolomiti 320KS, Chubby Apple, Rusticate
DKK 925,-
Tax free DKK 740,-
Savinelli, Minuto 109 Sand, Pocket Billard
DKK 695,-
Tax free DKK 556,-
Savinelli, Minuto 310 Sand, Pocket Poker
DKK 695,-
Tax free DKK 556,-
Stanwell, Eco, Bamboo, Billard, Brown
DKK 1000,-
Tax free DKK 800,-
Stanwell, H. C Andersen 3, Sand
DKK 1475,-
Tax free DKK 1180,-
Talamona, Reverse Calabash, Barrel, Rusticated
DKK 950,-
Tax free DKK 760,-
Tom Eltang, Blasted Apple with horn
DKK 6250,-
Tax free DKK 5000,-
Tom Eltang, Quarter Bent Canted Brandy
DKK 7500,-
Tax free DKK 6000,-
Tonni Nielsen Freehand Horn
DKK 6995,-
Tax free DKK 5596,-
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