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At The Danish Pipe Shop in Copenhagen, Denmark you find the largest selection of tobacco pipes in Northern Europe: Tom Eltang, Kurt Balleby, Anne Julie, Manduela, Tao, Stanwell, Peter Heding, Neerup Pipes, Poul Winsløw Pipes, Ascorti, Caminetto, Dagner, Dunhill, Castello, Volkan, Brandon Brooks, Vesterholm Pipes, Suhr Pipes, Bay Pipes and many more!

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Ken Dederich, Chubby Pac Man w. Bamboo
DKK 3950,-
Tax free DKK 3160,-
Kurt Balleby, Rhodesian
DKK 11250,-
Tax free DKK 9000,-
Tom Eltang, Elegant Dublin Freehand
DKK 7500,-
Tax free DKK 6000,-
BBB, Arsenal, Rhodesian
DKK 450,-
Tax free DKK 360,-
BBB, Chelsea, Rhodesian
DKK 450,-
Tax free DKK 360,-
Big Ben Ranger Black Matte
DKK 698,-
Tax free DKK 558,40
BPK Smooth Churchwarden Pipe, Apple
DKK 275,-
Tax free DKK 220,-
BPK Smooth Churchwarden Pipe, Pot
DKK 275,-
Tax free DKK 220,-
Castello, Castello, S. B. Billard, 2K
DKK 2695,-
Tax free DKK 2156,-
Castello, Old Antiquari, Acorn, 4K, Black
DKK 2450,-
Tax free DKK 1960,-
Castello, Sea Rock, Zulu Dublin, Black, 4K
DKK 2195,-
Tax free DKK 1756,-
Castello, Trademark, Billiard, 2K
DKK 2200,-
Tax free DKK 1760,-
Castello, Trademark, S. B. Billard, 2K
2200,-DKK 1950,-
Tax free DKK 1560,-
Castello, Trademark, S. B. Dublin, 4K
DKK 2550,-
Tax free DKK 2040,-
Chacom, Anton, Canted Egg, Natural
DKK 1695,-
Tax free DKK 1356,-
Chacom, Anton, Canted Egg, Smooth Grey
DKK 1100,-
Tax free DKK 880,-
Chacom, Bayard 88, Zulu
DKK 555,-
Tax free DKK 444,-
Chacom, Berlingot 22, Tulip, Matte
DKK 650,-
Tax free DKK 520,-
Chacom, Berlingot 22, Tulip, Smooth
DKK 788,-
Tax free DKK 630,40
Chacom, Comfort, 206, Apple
DKK 698,-
Tax free DKK 558,40
Chacom, Maya 88, Zulu
865,-DKK 695,-
Tax free DKK 556,-
Chacom, Montmartre 866, Slight Bent Billard
795,-DKK 595,-
Tax free DKK 476,-
Chacom, Montmartre 99, Canted Egg
795,-DKK 595,-
Tax free DKK 476,-
Chacom, Tom Eltang, Oscar contrast
DKK 1650,-
Tax free DKK 1320,-
Chacom, Tom Eltang, Oscar orange nature
DKK 1850,-
Tax free DKK 1480,-
Copenhagen Collection, Smooth Brandy
DKK 2995,-
Tax free DKK 2396,-
Corn Cob Pipe, Little Devil Cutty
110,-DKK 95,-
Tax free DKK 76,-
Dunhill, Shell, 3222, Poker w. saddle stem
DKK 2500,-
Tax free DKK 2000,-
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