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Briar Cigar

It’s not every day (especially these days) that someone comes up with something really new in the world of tobacco and pipes.

Which is why it was quite sensational when American artist Chris Morgan invented his Briar Cigar. At a quick glance it is almost indistinguishable from a real cigar, but it is in fact made from Briar, the classic sort of wood used for pipes.

The tobacco chamber has a diameter of approximately 13mm and is 3.5cm deep. On filling is enough for a 15-20 minute long (and lovely) smoking experience - and due to the Briar Cigar’s construction, the ashes stay in the cigar!
Furthermore, the Briar Cigar is constructed with an additional cooling chamber (reverse Calabash), and it features an extremely comfortable rounded mouthpiece.

This pipe, for it is indeed a pipe, is not only a great alternative for the regular pipe smoker, it is also a chance for the cigar smoker to dive into the vast amount of aromas and nuances of pipe tobacco.
In the US it has also become quite popular with cigarette smokers that wish to stop inhaling but still want to retain the experience and flavours of real tobacco. 

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