Pipes - GBP Pipes, George Boyadjiev

GBP Pipes, George Boyadjiev

George Boyadjiev, born in 1972, is a Bulgarian that has been a part time pipe maker since 2005. His talent, to us, is obvious, and we have nothing but respect for his approach and form language.

He uses the best Briar he can find and, depending on the pipe, he uses Ebonite, Cumberland, or Acrylic for the stems.
One of his specialities is very slim and elegant stem work, an old school feature that we often find to be lacking in contemporary pipe design - and therefore greatly appreciate!

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George Boyadjiev, Grade B, Oval Shank Billard
1698,-DKK 1500,-
Tax free DKK 1200,-
George Boyadjiev, Grade AA,  Assymetrical Apple
3500,-DKK 3000,-
Tax free DKK 2400,-
George Boyadjiev, Grade AA,  Dublin Sitter
DKK 3500,-
Tax free DKK 2800,-
George Boyadjiev, Grade AA,  Freehand Rhodesian
3300,-DKK 3000,-
Tax free DKK 2400,-
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