Pipes - Henning Poulsen

Henning Poulsen

With a background as a woodwork teacher the interest in pipe making came naturally - and now he has been in the game for nearly forty years.

Back in the 80s Henning was lucky enough to be guided by the great Peter Hedegaard (1951-2007), and later Henning even did his best to pass his knowledge on to other hobby/part time makers.

All in all, he estimates that he has produced around 500 pipes during the years, but the last fifteen he has made less than 200 pieces - so smoking a Henning Poulsen is quite special. 

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Henning Poulsen, Bent Billard
DKK 1650,-
Tax free DKK 1320,-
Henning Poulsen, Bent Billard
DKK 1450,-
Tax free DKK 1160,-
Henning Poulsen, Bent Billiard
DKK 1750,-
Tax free DKK 1400,-
Henning Poulsen, Bent Brandy/Apple
DKK 1850,-
Tax free DKK 1480,-
Henning Poulsen, Slight Bent Billard
1450,-DKK 1250,-
Tax free DKK 1000,-
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