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Lasse Skovgaard

Lasse, son of Benni Jørgensen, is a strong representative of the next generation of Danish pipe makers.

When he was younger (basically a big boy) he worked at the legendary W.Ø. Larsen workshop as well as at the Stanwell factory (when it was still located in Denmark), so despite his young age he has a whole lot of experience. We are in love with his work, let that be known, and we especially have a soft spot for his sandblasted pipes.

One thing is for sure, the name Lasse Skovgaard will figure on the list of true high grade pipe makers for a very long time. Lasse's pipes are graduated by the price however he marks his very best flawless pipes with a lion stamp.


In 2020 Lasse staryed a new line called By Skovgaard. These pipes are even more affordable, still handmade, but faster made and with premade acrylic stems he adjust.

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Lasse Skovgaard, Bent Brandy
DKK 8500,-
Tax free DKK 6800,-
Lasse Skovgaard, Blasted Apple
3300,-DKK 2950,-
Tax free DKK 2360,-
Lasse Skovgaard, Blasted Brandy
DKK 3300,-
Tax free DKK 2640,-
Lasse Skovgaard, Blasted Calabash w. bamboo
3300,-DKK 2950,-
Tax free DKK 2360,-
Lasse Skovgaard, Blasted Canted Egg
3300,-DKK 2950,-
Tax free DKK 2360,-
Lasse Skovgaard, Brandy Billard, 9 mm.
DKK 5800,-
Tax free DKK 4640,-
Lasse Skovgaard, Chimney Billard
DKK 4850,-
Tax free DKK 3880,-
Lasse Skovgaard, Danish Dublin w. horn
DKK 7500,-
Tax free DKK 6000,-
Lasse Skovgaard, Half Bent Tulip
5850,-DKK 4995,-
Tax free DKK 3996,-
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