Pipes - Peter Heding

Peter Heding

Peter Heding, the molecular biologist who left the dusty, academic halls in order to spend his time in a workshop full of Briar dust instead, is a household name in our shop.

He had spent three years as a dedicated hobby pipe maker (with guidance from none other than Tom Eltang), when in 2006 he handed in his letter of resignation to the research institute.
And this, we think, was a very wise choice, for in our opinion Peter already ranks among the absolute best of the new generation of Danish makers. His form language is extremely strong; it can be slightly flamboyant and artistic but it is always spot on and perfectly harmonic, and the technical precision of his work is just ridiculously high. 


Until 2017 Peter’s pipes was graded with bronze, silver, gold, and diamond inlays, but from now on they are graded by price, except for his master pieces that will continue to bear a Swarowki stone.

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Peter Heding, Rusticated Nosewarmer Pot
Tax free 2800,-
Peter Heding, Blowfish, Diamond Grade
Tax free 10000,-
Peter Heding, Cobra Sitter, Diamond Grade
Tax free 7996,-
Peter Heding, Duck Foot, Diamond Grade
Tax free 9200,-
Peter Heding, Freehand Egg
Tax free 6000,-
Peter Heding, Horn
Tax free 5000,-
Peter Heding, Rusticated Dubliner
Tax free 3800,-
Peter Heding, Wasp w. Horn
Tax free 5200,-
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