Pipes - Poul Ilsted

Poul Ilsted

The late Poul Ilsted, largely regarded as one of the very best in the game ever, is someone we’ve known for many, many years as he used to work for Erik Nørding (known to us as Uncle Erik).

Poul was probably mostly known as the ‘facet master’ due to his out-of-this-world facet cuts, and also his perfect Bulldogs, but we think it’s difficult to imagine anything made by Poul to be less than extraordinary.

Poul sadly passed away in 2017. And that day the world of pipes became a smaller place.

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Estate Poul Ilsted, Brandy Billard, Presmoked
DKK 7500,-
Tax free DKK 6000,-
Estate Poul Ilsted, Lovat, Presmoked.
DKK 10000,-
Tax free DKK 8000,-
Estate Poul Ilsted, Octa Shank Apple, Presmoked
DKK 9000,-
Tax free DKK 7200,-
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