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Rattray's Pipes

Historically the Rattray’s name has “always” been associated with both pipes and tobacco, but it is certainly the tobaccos it is mostly known for. 

– And with good reason: the tobacco range is simply outstanding! 
There are a few Aromatics on offer but the vast majority are traditional blends that emphasise the natural characteristics of the various tobacco sorts. 

These days they are expertly blended by Kohlhase & Kopp in Germany.


The license for Rattray´s Pipes is owned by Kopp, Germany.
The designs are made by Kopp and the pipes are produced on different pipe factories and pipe workshops within the EU. As the only in Denmark we are proud to present the Rattray pipes here and in the shop. Beside the great pipes and tobaccos Rattray's continue to develop new product like leather bags, pipe tampers and more.

Pipes - The Danish Pipe Shop

The old (Scottish) Rattray’s brand is mostly known for a range of lovely tobacco blends, but it has also offered pipes for a great many years.
Nowadays the license for the brand is owned by Kopp in Germany and the pipes are produced in various pipe factories around Europe. The range is mostly classic but there is a certain good-natured charm over them that gives them a very own personality. 


As the only retailer in Denmark we are proud to present the Rattray’s brand in our shop - they’re good value! Notice that we, from time to time, also have “seconds” from Rattray’s!


Rattray's Pipes, Seconds

As a premiere dealer of Rattray’s Pipes we can, from time to time, offer batches of “Seconds".
“Seconds” are rejects from the pipe production, pipes that somehow didn’t quite live up to the company standard - but only on a cosmetic level.
They are perfectly smokable (and lovable) pipes, they just suffer form minor flaws in the finish, ie. the stain can have the wrong shade, the sandblast can have odd pits here and there, or there can be fillings that are too obvious. In most cases we have a hard time spotting the flaw, to be honest.
Either way, these pipes are a great and affordable way to add a nice puffer to your collection

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Rattray´s Harpoon, Black Sand
DKK 1250,-
Tax free DKK 1000,-
Rattray´s Harpoon, Brown Smooth
DKK 1250,-
Tax free DKK 1000,-
Rattray´s Harpoon, Tanshell Sand
DKK 1250,-
Tax free DKK 1000,-
Rattrays Pipes, The Good Deal, Squat Bulldog
450,-DKK 350,-
Tax free DKK 280,-
Rattrays, Dark Ale 109, Billard, 9 mm.
DKK 750,-
Tax free DKK 600,-
Rattrays, Dark Ale 110, Poker, 9 mm.
DKK 750,-
Tax free DKK 600,-
Rattrays, Distillery 128, Poker, Black Sand
DKK 698,-
Tax free DKK 558,40
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