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Stanwell, a solid cornerstone in the history of Danish pipes, is always a good choice when adding a pipe to your collection.

Stanwell pipes are consistently great smokers with an unmistakable Danish look - in fact, many of them were designed by some of the greatest pipe makers ever (Sixten Ivarsson, Jess Chonowitsch, Poul Winsløw, and Tom Eltang, just to mention a few) - and they are always reasonably priced.

In 2009 the company moved the pipe production to Italy, but everything is still managed from Denmark - and the collaboration with some of the greatest living pipe makers is continued. 


Stanwell, 75 Year Anniversary Limited Edition

In 2017 Stanwell can celebrate a whooping 75 years in the pipe business, and to mark this they have released a fantastic Limited Edition series.
They have chosen eight classic shapes from their catalogue (four non-filtered and four with 9mm option) and for each model they have made 150 pipes. Each pipe is adorned with a Sterling silver ring, one side engraved with the historic Stanwell logo, the horse and the carriage, while the other is marked with the pipe’s individual number. The pipes are delivered in a high quality leather bag and a Stanwell box. 


Notice that the pipes are individually listed - what you see is what you get!


Stanwell Amber

Amber is a relatively new series from Stanwell.
It consists of a range of classic shapes from Stanwell, all finished in a nicely done amber inspired stain - and overall the looks and quality of the grain in this line of pipes is great! 


Notice that you most likely won’t receive the exact pipe pictured - but you will receive the same model!


Stanwell Black & White

A modern and very well designed series from old Stanwell.
The pipes are new and elegant dialects of the classic Stanwell form language, and they come in two different finishes: matte black and black stained sandblast. All models are delivered with two stems, one black and one white, one short and one semi-long, so that’s basically two pipes for the price of one!


Notice that some models have 9mm filter capacity. 


Stanwell Black Diamond

A fantastic line of pipes launched in 2013!
These classic shapes from Stanwell are stained black - but the grain is still visible, giving the pipes a wonderful deep look. A very stylish and affordable offer from good old Stanwell!


Stanwell Duke

For years the Duke line has been one of the most popular Stanwell offerings in our shop, which is no surprise to us.
The deep brown stain is extremely well done, and we often see excellent grain in this particular series. Add to that an elegant brass ring and you have a fantastic looking pipe!


Stanwell Flame Grain

The Flame Grain line from Stanwell is known for its good grain - and only a light touch of stain.
All in all lovely classic shapes that emphasises Briar of high quality. The Flame Grain pipes are listed individually, so what you see is what you get. 


NB. The price differences reflects the time we purchased the batches from Stanwell.


Stanwell H.C. Andersen, Pipe Of The Year pipes, etc.

Stanwell has a number of special edition pipes; the Pipe Of The Year, the Christmas Pipe, the famous H.C. Andersen series, and so on, and it is with these offerings especially that we witness the company’s continuous collaborations with many of Denmark’s finest pipe makers.


Stanwell Featherweight

If you prefer pipes of smaller sizes - and if you’re a fan of classic shapes - then look no further.
The Featherweight line is a great option if you’re trying to avoid bulky and heavy puffers, and they are also perfect for a quick smoke in the coffee break. 


Notice that Stanwell has managed to fit certain models with a 9mm filter option!


Stanwell Golden Danish

We rarely see a bad sandblasting from Stanwell, but if you’re looking for a better one the Golden Danish line is an excellent place to start (in our opinion).
Here the wonderful blasted textures are only emphasised by the lovely brown stain, and, either way, there’s just something comforting and old school about a brown stained blast.
And the best part? These are very reasonably priced!


Stanwell Royal Danish

Affordable - but good - line from Stanwell.
All the classic shapes from their wonderful catalogue, all finished in an elegant wine red stain.


Stanwell Royal Guard

A mid-rangeline from Stanwell consisting of their most classic shapes finished nicely in a fresh red-brown stain.
We’re talking good value here!


Stanwell Sterling and Army Mount

The Sterling line from Stanwell is the epitome of classic elegance.
Nothing but well-proven, stylish shapes with great finishes and the addition of a decorative Sterling silver ring. Popular for a very good reason.


The Army Mount line is a beautiful range of classic shapes with the fantastic (and fairly old school) Army Mount look. 


Stanwell 9mm filter pipes

A variety of pipes by Stanwell made for (optional) 9mm filter use.

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