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Suhr Pipes

We have a new pipemaker in the house! A young pipemaker with deep ancestors in Danish pipemaking history. Suhr Pipes, which is third generation of the famous Suhr Pibemageri (Suhr’s Pipe Workshop). Suhr Pibemageri made a huge impact on Danish pipe design which began in the 1950s, and the main reason was a man called Poul Rasmussen.

Unfortunately, Poul Rasmussen died unexpectedly and suddenly, and left his wife, Anne Julie, and their little son, Thomas, behind along with his workshop. Anne Julie took over the workshop, which made her the world famous pipemaker she is today. Thomas grew up and had sons of his own – and one of them is Johannes, who is in his 20s today.

For the past 3-4 years, Johannes has followed the work of Anne Julie around the world, and furthermore he has worked at Tom Eltang’s workshop to learn everything he can. Johannes is determent to become a skilled pipemaker and he has a very ambitious goal: To revive the name and style of the famous Suhr Pipes. For inspiration, he is lucky to have access to a huge selection of Suhr Pibemageri pipes owned by Anne Julie – and, not least, he has gained permission from Grandma Anne Julie to use her mark, but in a black and white edition.
We gladly follow Johannes closely. He is a charismatic, ambitious, funny and talented young man, and with his bloodline and journey in mind, we predict he will be very successful.

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Suhr Pipes, Apple w. silver
DKK 5950,-
Tax free DKK 4760,-
Suhr Pipes, Bamboo Billard
DKK 3950,-
Tax free DKK 3160,-
Suhr Pipes, Bent Pointy Egg
DKK 3000,-
Tax free DKK 2400,-
Suhr Pipes, Blasted Canted Egg w. silver
DKK 3999,-
Tax free DKK 3199,20
Suhr Pipes, Canted Apple-Billard
DKK 5000,-
Tax free DKK 4000,-
Suhr Pipes, Johanness Billard w. horn
DKK 5250,-
Tax free DKK 4200,-
Suhr Pipes, Polonius
DKK 4500,-
Tax free DKK 3600,-
Suhr Pipes, Quarter Bent Canted Egg
DKK 6500,-
Tax free DKK 5200,-
Suhr Pipes, Quarter Bent Tulip
DKK 5500,-
Tax free DKK 4400,-
Suhr Pipes, Smooth Bent Tulip w. horn
DKK 7500,-
Tax free DKK 6000,-
Suhr Pipes, Smooth Shield
DKK 4500,-
Tax free DKK 3600,-
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