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Wojtek Pastuch

Wojtek Pastuch from Poland started out as a passionate pipe smoker and collector.

But in the end smoking and enjoying his collection wasn’t enough for him - there was another itch he just had to scratch - and with help from Mimmo Romeo, Briar supplier and Italian wizard, he quickly began establishing himself as a pipe maker.
This was back in 2010 and Wojtek is still scratching like mad! In his workshop (actually his garage) he creates the most wonderful pipes, all by hand from Italian Briar and German Ebonite, and his form language is incredibly strong.

We particularly love the fact that he isn’t afraid to have a go at delicate pencil shanks!

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Wojtek Pastuch, Bent Brandy
DKK 3995,-
Tax free DKK 3196,-
Wojtek Pastuch, Blasted Freehand
DKK 3300,-
Tax free DKK 2640,-
Wojtek Pastuch, Blasted Freehand
2900,-DKK 2325,-
Tax free DKK 1860,-
Wojtek Pastuch, Canted Stubby Devil Anse Wannabe
DKK 2900,-
Tax free DKK 2320,-
Wojtek Pastuch, Oval Freehand
3750,-DKK 2995,-
Tax free DKK 2396,-
Wojtek Pastuch, Slight Bent Chubby Pot
DKK 2995,-
Tax free DKK 2396,-
Wojtek Pastuch, Superb Blasted Classic Billard
DKK 2900,-
Tax free DKK 2320,-
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