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Ilsted Pipe Tobacco, No. 100 Danish
DKK 255,-
Tax free DKK 204,-
Mac Baren Mixture Modern, 1 pouch
DKK 73,-
Tax free DKK 58,40
My Own Blend, Livgardens Vintage
DKK 209,-
Tax free DKK 167,20
My Own Blend, Special blend, D3774
DKK 219,-
Tax free DKK 175,20
My Own Blend, Special blend, Old School
DKK 219,-
Tax free DKK 175,20
Peterson, Hyde Park
DKK 125,-
Tax free DKK 100,-
Rattrays Tobacco, Brown Clunee, 50 g.
DKK 130,-
Tax free DKK 104,-
Rattrays Tobacco, Marlin Flake, 50 g.
DKK 137,-
Tax free DKK 109,60
Rattrays Tobacco, Old Gowrie, 100 g.
DKK 243,-
Tax free DKK 194,40
Rattrays Tobacco, Old Gowrie, 50 g.
DKK 133,-
Tax free DKK 106,40
Savinelli Pipe Tobacco, Aroma
DKK 120,-
Tax free DKK 96,-
Singleton Pipe Tobacco, 1 pouch
DKK 82,50
Tax free DKK 66,-
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