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Fribourg & Treyer

Nowadays the old brand Fribourg & Treyer is probably mostly associated with old fashioned, high quality snuff, but in the past it was the name of a very fine pipes and tobacco shop in London.

Some of the blends from back then are still available to us pipe smokers - which is great, especially if you enjoy traditional, elegant blends with a noble character!

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Fribourg & Treyer, Black Jack
DKK 135,-
Tax free DKK 108,-
Fribourg & Treyer, Cut Blended Plug
DKK 135,-
Tax free DKK 108,-
Fribourg & Treyer, Golden Mixture
DKK 133,-
Tax free DKK 106,40
Fribourg & Treyer, Vintage
DKK 137,-
Tax free DKK 109,60
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