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Poul Winsløw

Poul is another Danish pipe maker that has been around the block a few times.

Born in 1951, his long career started when he, as just a big boy, was hired to assist the great Preben Holm, but when Preben sadly had to close down his business Poul decided to build himself a workshop and continue on his own. And he sure did.
Poul’s work is extremely recognisable, much due the fact that he insists that his pipes should to be happy and colourful - and bring visual joy in a world that can sometimes be a bit grey. 


Poul Winsløw, Crown of Denmark

The majority of his production is marked “Crown of Denmark”.
These handmade pipes are just as great smokers as his higher grades but they will not have as many details and applications.
They are graded (from highest to lowest) with: “Crown Collector”, “Crown 300”, “Crown 200”, and “Viking” and comes both with and without 9mm filter option.

Poul Winsløw, High Grade Pipes

Just like his Crown series it offers a vast variety of shapes and finishes, and we think that it’s quite obvious that Poul, besides being an extremely dedicated pipe maker, also is a true artist.



Tobacco - The Danish Pipe Shop

Pipe master Poul Winsløw has his own line of tobaccos as well, and just like his pipes they’re meant to spread joy and good atmosphere. Which is why they’re wonderful high quality Aromatic blends with colourful characters!

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Poul Winsløw Pipe tobacco No. 1
DKK 248,-
Tax free DKK 198,40
Poul Winsløw Pipe tobacco No. 2
DKK 248,-
Tax free DKK 198,40
Poul Winsløw Pipe tobacco No. 3
DKK 247,-
Tax free DKK 197,60
Poul Winsløw Pipe Tobacco, Harlekin
DKK 265,-
Tax free DKK 212,-
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