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The German pipe company Vauen dates back more than 160 years - and it still does solid, lovable work!

We love the versatility and innovation we witness in their production, which is a great part of the reason we’re offering the pipes here (as the only Scandinavian retailer), and we truly think that you get great value for the money.
Vauen was the official producer of exact replicas of the pipes smoked in the Lord of The Rings movies, a line of pipes that were later continued with new, original designs under the name Auenland.
And if you’re looking for 9mm filter pipes you have come to right place: the people at Vauen are experts!


Vauen, Long pipes: Auenland, Enzian, Nobile, etc.

When the three Lord of The Rings movies were released Vauen owned the license to produce exact replicas of the iconic long pipes (or Churchwardens) that were smoked by a number of characters. The pipes were a tremendous success, but sadly the license later expired. Vauen therefore decided to let the spirit of these pipes live on in the series of their own designs called Auenland, and if you’re looking for a “Gandalf pipe” these days, this is the way to go. 


However, Vauen makes other long pipes as well - and they are great smokers. In fact, in our opinion you won’t find better Churchwarden shapes than theirs. 


Vauen, Basic, Classic, BIG and other 9 mm. pipes

Here we present a variety of high quality 9mm filter pipes from Vauen. All lines are well designed classic shapes with an occasional gentle touch of Danish inspiration.


NB. Using a filter is optional.

Tobacco - The Danish Pipe Shop

German pipe giant Vauen is kind enough to also offer something to put into their pipes, and being a German company they tend to focus on Aromatic blends; a genre they really know how to handle!

Use the filters and the search function to enhance your experience ...

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