About Estate pipes and rating

The Danish Pipe Shop rating system explained...


That a pipe has been smoked for years doesn't mean it's worthless or ruined in any way. 

As long as it has been loved and treated with respect it can still offer a great many years’ worth of wonderful experiences. And that is what you will find in this section: pipes that we feel are still good enough to be enjoyed! Yes, they have been used by someone before you, and you'll probably find dings and marks on it, but that has to be expected from a puffer that has been around the block a few times. When we receive them - either from private estates or auctions - we make them ready for round 2.
We clean them up and polish them and prepare them for a new home wherever it is in the world.

All depending your personal standards you may have to clean the pipe inside the shank and stem with pipe cleaning fluid, alcohol etc.
From time to time there can even be brand new estate pipes, meaning old but never used pipes.

The Danish Pipe Shop rating system:

Presmoked = Used before

Unsmoked = Never been used

1 (*): Ok condition
The pipe is smokable, but it is clearly a second hand pipe with natural scratches, marks and charring on the top rim.

(**): Good condition
The pipe is in good shape, but has a few marks/scratches on bowl and stem. Some charring left on the rim.

(***): Very good condition
The pipe is in good shape, but has a few marks/scratches on the bowl. Very little charring.

4 (****): Top condition
The pipe is in a very good condition, no bite marks and almost no scratches. Logos and marking are visible. This rating is used for the best presmoked and most of the unsmoked estate pipes. When we don't rate an unsmoked pipe five stars it's because it is not new as coming out of the box/producer. It's been handled by the owner, matte in the finish, maybe exposed to light etc.

5 (*****): As new

The condition of the inside of the bowl is as described in the informations of the pipe you are looking at - It will either be reamed and with a new inner coating or original but reamed or untouched if new.

Marking: All visible marking is noted in the informations of the pipe you are looking at. If we are in doubt, we don’t write anything.


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