About our new website

Welcome to our new website and webshop! 

For the past 12 months, we have worked hard to get our new webshop ready – and voilà – we did it.
But not to worry, the concept is still the same: Lots and lots of pipes, tobacco and accessories in all price ranges.

Here are the main changes and improvements:

Your account login will work at the new site, and now you can change your password to whatever you prefer.
To make this work, you need to update your data using the EDIT button – you only have to do this once.

Search options are improved, which makes the possibilities endless. You can choose your favorite brand, tobacco, cut and narrow it down to only seeing what’s relevant for your taste.
If you don’t want to use the filters you can always just use the search field to the left in the main menu-bar.

You can choose to see the measurements of the pipes in inches and ounces – or in cm and ml.

The old site was in English – as is the new one. However, a Danish version is in working process and we expect it to be done very soon to serve all our Danish customers.

Now it’s up to you how you like your order to be shipped. At the old site, the only option was our option – not anymore. You decide.

Shipping prices:
For some countries – especially Sweden – the shipping prices have decreased significantly.

you can now see the prices in various currencies, even check out and pay in DKK, EUR and USD.

If you make an account, you can review the pipe tobaccos you have bought for the next buyer to see.

The new platform adjust to different devices like your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc.

About our new website - The Danish Pipe Shop

We are very pleased with the result, and we hope you find the same. We have transferred about 3000 items from the old site to the new one – manually – so bear with us if we missed something. We are still in working progress.

Our survival is based on listening to our followers and having happy content customers, so we hope you will give us feedback on what is good and what could be improved.


Best regards
Nikolaj Nielsen, CEO

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