Business hours for the next week

Monday:Open 10.00-17.30
Tuesday:Open 10.00-17.30
Wednesday:Open 10.00-17.30
Thursday:Open 10.00-17.30
Friday:Open 10.00-17.00
Saturday:Open 10.00-17.00
Business hours for the next week - The Danish Pipe Shop

Our WEB shop is always open, but if you want to visit our real shop, we are close to Copenhagen Town Hall Square, Copenhagen Central Station, and Tivoli.

Please note we have a couple of stairs you have to pass in order to get to first level of the shop. We have a ramp for customers in wheel chair, so please just let us know and we will naturally help.


Opening Hours:

Our opening hours are shown on the top of this page. Please note in low season January, February, March, April, October and November we close at 15.00 on Saturdays.

However, we will have our online business open on and you can support us by shopping there.


Tax free for outside EU citizens visiting the physical shop.
For customers from outside EU we can offer you Tax Free through Planet or when you visit our physical shop.  


How does it work?
You do your shopping and we print out a receipt plus a print. You fill out the print before you leave Denmark and show the receipt and the special print to Planet or Global Blue, They refund you from 13-19% of the total. Please note that you have to buy for minimum 301 DKK/50 USD/40 EURO in order to achieve tax free. You can read more about Planet at


If you have a friend who shall pick up an order you can make an on-line order and choose Pick up in shop. This way everything is paid and ready. Please comment when and who will pick it up. With pick up orders you pay tax but, we will make tax free papers for you which your friend who can claim the refund in the airport or local tax free office in Copenhagen. Please note if you do this you have to choose DKK as currency on the online order.


Check GoogleMap here...



Business hours for the next week - The Danish Pipe Shop

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Remember! When you buy for more than 2000 DKK including Danish VAT (270 Euro or approx. 225 USD (USD tax free)) we offer shipping included. The amount in USD and EUR can vary as the exchange rate changes.
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