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Are you subscribing to our news mail? If yes, look forward to Nik’s Corner – a place where you will get longer articles, more nerdy information and no filter! Nik’s Corner is a place where you can get a piece of CEO Nikolaj Nielsen’s mind and it will give you some new insights and understanding on various stuff going on in the world of pipes and tobacco. 

Nikolaj Liberoth Nielsen was born in 1970 as the youngest out of five kids who are the second generation to The Danish Pipe Shop.

The shop was started by his father, Steffen Nielsen, in 1969. Nikolaj grew up with the pipe shop and the world of the pipes by playing with pipe boxes in the basement of the shop going to work with his father.

Later he left the basement and came upstairs to help as his father’s assistant selling pipes and tobacco.

Since his father’s sudden death in 2011, he has run the shop to the level and status is has today. In the beginning he did this simultaneously with his regular job a Sales and Marketing Director of a major Danish printing company.

Today Nikolaj study the internet, read on social medias, travel the world – all for the sake of getting more knowledge on pipes, tobacco and other shops, and he estimates that he sees around 30-40.000 pipes each year.

Furthermore, Nikolaj loves to develop new tobaccos like Mr. Nielsen, Mrs. Nielsen, VV92, Beginner’s Luck and the very successful B. S. Flake formely known as The Brown Sugar Flake. And speaking of developing pipe tobacco, he has something in his sleeve regarding the 50th anniversary of The Danish Pipe Shop in 2019.

He is a dedicated pipesmoker and he was awarded as The Pipesmoker Of The Year 2015 in Denmark.

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Introducing Nik’s Corner - The Danish Pipe Shop

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