Layaway Plan

Layaway Plan - The Danish Pipe Shop

Get your dream pipe! Take advantage of our Layaway plan. No fees, no interest!


We are willing to reserve unique products or negotiate a layaway plan – though only on pipes and lighters above 200 Euro/250 USD. You choose what you want, make the order and then you choose "Send me a PayPal request" as method of payment.
In the comment field please write how many times you want the amount to be divided in, and we will send you X number of PayPal requests and when the last is paid we will ship your order.
It's the same method using bank transfer, except here we can't send you requests.

You must pay the first payment on the date of the order. A 25 % down payment is required in order to reserve pipes.

You can only have one layaway order at the time and it must be paid full within a year. Layaway orders cannot be refunded. If other questions, please mail us at

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Remember! When you buy for more than 2000 DKK (270 Euro or approx. 250 USD (USD tax free)) we offer shipping included.
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