No tobacco outside Denmark

We always wanted to give our online customers ‘The Danish Pipe Shop Experience’
– meaning that all you can buy in our Copenhagen shop would be available in the online shop, too.
Maybe a little naive but nevertheless an ambition we always lived by.

As a retailer and an online dealer of tobacco and related products we get vibes from the world on a daily basis with packages being refused and sent back from countries all over the world – and lately also more and more attention from foreign authorities. 

The best example is the Italian authorities blocking our website for a while in spring 2018. Also, most countries now have a ban towards private import of tobacco and demand that all tobacco have local written warnings and naturally local taxes paid.

When we started our online business, all responsibility was relying on the customer to follow rules and regulation of their country, but times and laws have changed and now all responsibility is relying on us, the business.
That means that we must know all rules and regulations for every country in the world – which, by the way, keep changing all the time. It’s just impossible for us to keep up.

We find it more and more difficult to sell tobacco products with all the different rules, laws, demands from various authorities, suppliers and payment services both in Denmark and in other countries.

So, we have decided to close down the possibility of sending tobacco to residents outside of Denmark. We do this in order to make sure that we don’t violate any laws in any country.

Unfortunately, this means that from Thursday November 8th 2018 we only deliver tobacco to addresses in Denmark or to pick up in shop.

We will naturally keep updating our choice of tobacco for the customers with a Danish address and for our many foreign customers visiting Copenhagen with a shopping list.

“But I mainly buy tobacco, so why should I keep following The Danish Pipe Shop?” - some might ask.

To this, I can only say: If you are a pipe smoker it is difficult to find a more innovative pipeshop. I know this because we listen to the questions and demands from all our customers, which makes us able to offer a unique selection based on the inputs we get. I even dare to say that we have the best varied selection of Danish pipes, upcoming pipe makers and Estate Selection just to mention a few arguments for sticking with us.

We are naturally sad about this situation, but we hope to see you purchasing some of our many non-tobacco products like pipes, lighters and books! And we hope you take this as an opportunity to visit our shop in Copenhagen for some serious tobacco-shopping.

– We can’t wait to see you!

No tobacco outside Denmark - The Danish Pipe Shop


Carlos 13/11/2018
These are seriously bad news...

No more Samuel Gawith BSF for us here in USA?

Guess now I need some really good Single Malt!
Heinz 17/11/2018
I red your decision with great regret.
Nikolaj 25/11/2018
So do we but there is no way around this.
Richard 24/11/2018
Come on, have mercy. Shipping to the USA is not that restrictive is it?
Nikolaj 25/11/2018
Oh yes it is. Lots of different rules from state to state.
R 18/12/2018
I know I voted for Brexit and next year I will need to pay to visit the EU and your country!
The £ is going to collapse, we NEED YOUR PIPE TOBACCO now more than ever: I really enjoy the Larson 2016/7/8 mix and was so looking forward to ordering the 2019 blend: now I have to travel to Denmark?
Surely you can look at the UK market again once we are outside the UK is outside the restrictive rules of the EU please?
Vote Dexit I say!
Nikolaj 06/01/2019
If you at that time can document its legal for us to send it to UK, and that we don't violate any laws we will look into it. One issue is that warnings must be written in local language. Ours are naturally in Danish so in other words its illegal to sell it to you.
Ari 21/12/2018
I have lost my words . I hate this . The World is releasing marihuana and the same time they are forbidding tobacco and especially pipetobacco To only get my relaxing time and for what purpose ! Shit!!!!!
JOHN 04/01/2019
There is always a way round "rules' if the will is there and the desire to helkp people. I cannot buy Advokat Cigars anywhere but with you guys as I have been doing for some while - as there are no restrictions on importing cigars into Canada I do not know why you refuse to do it - makes no sense - I can pay your preferred method - please have a rethink - thanks - - J
Nikolaj 06/01/2019
We naturally would prefer to just ship whatever people want. The challenge is that if its not a law in a certain country its the payment providers that has company policy against buying tobacco with their card. So as we write we don't have the capacity to keep up with all that. You are welcome to place an order as PICK UP and then arrange someone to get it for you.
Daniel 13/03/2019
Here, in Iceland we have the following pipe tobaccos only:
- Half & Half
- Skandinavik
- Sweet/Special Dublin

That's all! And now my only and last hope, the Danish Pipe Shop also closes its doors in front of foreigners. I can't order from the UK, USA, Denmark, etc... It is challenging to be a pipe smoker nowadays. Sad.
Lin 09/08/2019
sad 😂
Gianmichele 16/09/2020
I'm really so sorry. Where I live there are not important and serious shops like yours for pipes and even less for tobacco. As other guys here say, they are liberalizing Mariuana not to mention other more dangerous powders, and we can't sit on a low wall and smoke a pipe at sunset? But really ?

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