Pipe tobacco blends

Tobacco comes in a range of different blends and cuts, all of them providing a slightly different experience.

Some are easier to deal with than others, but don’t worry, you’ll find a favorite soon enough. And until then, don’t hesitate to try out something new.


There are many interesting tobaccos out there, and while some pipe smokers choose to stick to the same brand there are also those that never settles and keep having fun exploring. Here’s a short introduction to the most common blends and cuts. 


A sweet and mild blend of tobacco, typically a combination of Virginia, Burley, and/or Cavendish with added flavor.
There are all sorts available, vanilla, chocolate, apple, almond, cherry, liqourice, whisky, you name it, and most of them will make you a very popular man with people around you.


You will find our Aromatic blends here»


There are also blends with just hints of added flavoring. You still get a top note, but you can also taste the natural tobacco, be it the fruity sweetness of the Virginia, the softness of the Cavendish, or the nutty body of the Burley. 


You will find our Semi-aromatic blends here»

Straight Virginia

Nothing but Virginia tobacco.
Being the one with the highest levels of natural sugar it’s a fairly sweet smoke, and if you smoke it right (not too fast) it can provide a most delicious tasting treat.


It comes in a range of colors, and typically the brigther ones will have notes of golden hay and fresh citrus, while the darker ones will be deeper tasting with notes of sweet dried fruit.

Sometimes a bit of Burley is added for body, or a pinch of Oriental to counterbalance the sweetness with a few sour notes.


You will find our Straight Virginia blends here»

Straight Burley

Not as common as it used to be – at least not in northern Europe, but in the States it’s still a fairly common thing to fill your pipe with. On todays Danish market only a few brands are available. The smoke is dry and cool and full bodied, and the taste is slightly nutty. 


You will find our Straight Burley's here»


Here is an interesting partnership...

The sweet and mellow Virginia teaming up with the strong and spicy Perique, and together they provide a most delicious experience if smoked calm and relaxed. 


 You will find our Virginia-Perique blends here»

English Mixture

Typically a rather stout and flavorful blend based on sweet Virginia and smoky Latakia.

Sometimes Burley are also used to give it some body, and sometimes the mixture is spiced up with Kentucky or Perique, or it can be smoothed out a bit with a share of unflavored Cavendish.

Either way, the mixture has a big character that every pipe smoker should meet at least once. 


You will find our English Mixtures here»

Pipe tobacco blends - The Danish Pipe Shop

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