Smoking lounge and events

In our basement we have a Scandinavian style lounge where customers can sit and take rest. We naturally have many pipe tobacco samples that you can inspect. If we have time we offer you water/coffee/tea and its on the house. Please note the lounge is only for customers. You can only smoke pipe in the lounge. Cigarettes and cigars are not allowed.


On request we can arrange a private pipe and pipe tobacco seminar for groups of 10 - 20 persons outside normal opening hours. The theme can be an introduction to the shop, history, pipes and pipe tobacco.
Sometimes we can arrange a "surprise" visit from one of the local pipemakers and if you are very interested in cigars as well we can make that happen.

The price on events depends on the number of people and your desires.
Please contact us on or call us at +45 3312 3651 or + 45 2032 3201 (Nikolaj).

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