Stanwell Campaign 2017

Save up to 200 DKK on buying a new Stanwell Pipe

Some years ago, Stanwell launched a campaign in Denmark giving significant discounts if you bought a new Stanwell in return of one of your old briar pipes.

This campaign will now be re-launched.
So, for the next three months you can visit our shop, deliver an old pipe, buy a new Stanwell and get 200 DKK discount.

We are along with Stanwell well aware of our many international customers buying online, so we decided to give 100 DKK discount (80 DKK on tax-free orders) on all new Stanwell pipes.

In order to get the discount, please enter this code in the comment field: #stanwell2017TDPS.

The offer is durable until 30th of September 2017.


Check out all our Stanwell pipes HERE...

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