Do's and Don'ts...

Dos and Donts... - The Danish Pipe Shop

- for enjoying your new pipe from The Danish Pipe Shop...

First off, big thanks for trusting us and being a part of our cozy little shop.

To make sure you have the smoothest pipe experience, we're giving out some friendly tips based on our journey since 1969:


  • In general, we recommend that you read our ‘So You've Picked Up a Pipe’ flyer, which is available here. It's like a cheat code for pipe happiness.
  • If the pipe has been shipped over a long distance or during winter, it may have undergone significant temperature fluctuations, going from cold to warm and vice versa. For instance, if it's very warm, the tenon (stem connection) might be tightly fitted. Conversely, if it's very cold, the tenon could feel loose. Due to this, we advise against immediately separating the pipe. It's best to wait for 24 hours until it reaches the normal room temperature.
  • Do NOT apply alcohol or any other cleaning agents to the out- side of the pipe and stem. Applying alcohol externally could risk removing the pipe's color or loosening rings, among other things.
  • If you have purchased a second-hand pipe, often referred to as an ‘Estate Pipe’, it's acceptable to clean the interior with alcohol or pipe cleaning fluid.
  • Some second-hand ‘Estate Pipes’ may have a new inner coating. It's not uncommon for a portion of this new coating to peel off, as the old pipe may not absorb the new coating in the same way a new pipe would. This is harmless, and you can simply remove it.

Thank you for supporting The Danish Pipe Shop, and remember that you can follow us on WeChat chinadanishpipeshop 微信号, Instagram and Facebook.




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Dos and Donts... - The Danish Pipe Shop

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