The biggest selection of Danish tobacco pipes in Europe!

At The Danish Pipe Shop in Copenhagen, Denmark you find the largest selection of tobacco pipes in Northern Europe and probably the biggest selection of Danish made pipes in Europe - maybe the world?: Enjoy pipe maker names like Tom Eltang, Kurt Balleby, Nanna Ivarsson, Anne Julie, Manduela, Tao, Stanwell, Peter Heding, Neerup Pipes, Peder Jeppesen Pipes, Poul Winsløw Pipes, Ascorti, Chacom, Dagner Pipes, Dunhill, Castello, Talamona, Volkan, Luiz Lavos, Suhr Pipes, Bay Denmark Pipes, Berggreen Pipes, Henri Pipes, Bullfrog Pipes, GBP Pipes, Werner Mummert Pipes and many more!


Chacom, Alpina Mat 110, Billard
DKK 765,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 612,-
Chacom, Starter Set, Bent Billard, bag etc.
DKK 550,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 440,-
Chacom, Starter Set, Bent Brandy, bag etc.
DKK 550,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 440,-
Dunhill, Bruyere 4111, Lovat
DKK 4495,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 3596,-
Dunhill, Bruyere, 4112, Chimney
DKK 4500,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 3600,-
Dunhill, Chestnut 5128, Diplomat
DKK 5350,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 4280,-
Dunhill, County 4110, Liverpool
DKK 3450,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 2760,-
Dunhill, County 5226, Hungarian Sitter
DKK 3650,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 2920,-
Dunhill, Cumberland 4135, Tulip-Billard
DKK 3450,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 2760,-
Dunhill, Cumberland, 4112, Chimney
DKK 3450,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 2760,-
Dunhill, Cumberland, 5109, Canadian
DKK 4100,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 3280,-
Dunhill, Ruby Bark 4407F, Prince, 9 mm.
DKK 3500,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 2800,-
Dunhill, Shell 3134, Brandy
DKK 2750,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 2200,-
Henri Pipes, Quarter Bent Acorn
DKK 4000,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 3200,-
Meerschaum, Silver Spigot Egg
DKK 2195,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 1756,-
Neerup, Classic 2, Bent Billard, 9 mm.
DKK 1165,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 932,-
Neerup, Classic 3, Dublin Sitter, 9 mm.
DKK 1365,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 1092,-
Neerup, Classic 3, Poker Sitter, 9 mm.
DKK 1365,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 1092,-
Nording Pipes, B CUT, Blowfish, 9 mm.
DKK 1200,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 960,-
Nørding, Extra Gr. 1, Robust Billard
DKK 1965,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 1572,-
Nørding, Extra Gr. 2, Rhodesian, 9 mm.
DKK 1825,-
???IFAC_taxfree_on_list DKK 1460,-
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