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Eltang Project

Tom Eltang is, without question, one of the most innovative pipe makers right now. During the years he has created many “instant classic” shapes; pipes that are now more or less iconic.

Together with his good friend, Kurt Hansen, he got the idea of using some of the leftover Briar from his regular production for something, and by coincidence they stumbled upon some thin carbon fiber tubes and, hey, there you go - the first Sailor Pipe, the model with a raw carbon shank and no mouthpiece.

The bigger version, Sailor Big, is the second generation of the concept, now fitted with an acrylic mouthpiece. And the response has been amazing, positive enough for Tom and us to take the Sailor concept seriously. Honestly, we smoke these pipes ourselves and they are great and fun little puffers, have no doubt.

Like Popeye would say: Agagaga!

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